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    A dental prosthesis is part of a treatment whose purpose is to restore normality to the general dental scheme, allowing the patient to chew again and lead a normal dental life.

    Because our mouth is in constant motion, our teeth perform the function of chewing food on a recurring and constant basis. This leads to determine that a prosthesis must guarantee that normal performance without generating major trauma to which the mouth has already been exposed.

    The fixed or definitive dental prosthesis is carried out by means of the previous placement of implants that are fixed to the maxillary bone and on which the new teeth are subsequently screwed or fixed, recovering all the functionality of a normal denture.

    However, the most common, especially in elderly people, is that removable prostheses are used for this purpose, known as dentures, which during the day allow a mouth without teeth to be restored to normal in the functions of chewing, aesthetics and talks; and that at night are removed from the mouth to facilitate cleaning

    Protesis Dentales Medellin

    Protesis Dentales Sabaneta

    Protesis Dentales Envigado

    Protesis Dentales Bello

    Odontologos Rionegro

    Protesis Dentales Laureles

    Odontologos Protesis Dentales Medellin

    Odontologos Protesis Dentales Envigado

    Odontologos Protesis Dentales Sabaneta

    Odontologos Protesis Dentales Bello

    Odontologos Protesis Dentales Rionegro

    Odontologos Protesis Dentales Laureles