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    General odontology

    Dentistry is a professional health discipline responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the teeth, gums, upper and lower jaws, periodontal tissue and the temporomandibular joint.

    At Odontoss we have highly trained dentists in the diagnosis and performance of oral health procedures.

    The initial dental consultation offers a complete diagnostic panorama that indicates to our patients the state of oral health, the needs for clinical dental intervention and the prognosis according to each of the evaluated cases. The need for specialized assessment is determined by our general dentists in the most pertinent and timely manner.

    Our dentists have a clear orientation towards oral rehabilitation and are appropriately qualified in the performance of general dentistry procedures such as: restorations, functional aesthetic dentistry, non-surgical extractions, crowns, bruxism plates, treatment of painful emergencies, among others.

    Nuestros odontólogos cuentan con una clara orientación hacia la rehabilitación oral y se encuentran pertinentemente calificados en la realización de procedimientos de odontología general tales como: restauraciones, odontología estética funcional, extracciones no quirúrgicas, coronas, placas de bruxismo, tratamiento de la urgencia dolorosa, entre otras.

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